Hi. I'm James Silcott.

And this is My Portfolio, where you can view my projects that I designed utilizing HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, C#, Python, and many more programming languages and skills.

I am an Air Force Veteran. Served around the world in 11 countries and accustomed to challenging environments. Led over 4,000 projects and 10,000 personnel demonstrating superb verbal and written customer communication, time management, teamwork fostering and skills to adapt to fast-changing trends. Previously, Chief of Construction Management and Director of STEM and Innovation programs overseeing Presidential projects and Washington D.C. school systems. A recent graduate from the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Quantico, VA.

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My Skills & Expertise Includes

Lifelong Learner and Teacher for the following:

Python & C#

Software Engineer - Designed and built many projects and developed an understanding of these languages. Teacher of Python fundamentals and C# programming. Programmed Unity and 3D Augmented and Virtual Reality applications

HTML5, CSS, & JavaScript

Full-Stack Developer - Knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, and programing in JavaScript with jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap and many more abilities to create dynamic websites


Data Analyst - Constructed, modified and ran 100’s of queries against T-SQL databases via SQLite3 and MSQL for data analysis and interpretation. Program SQL integration and perform a broad range of data migration tasks.

Projects I've built:

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C# Win Forms App - Ticket Tracker

This has everything you need to create, update, delete tickets. Want to keep your company organized, maybe stay up to date on bugs in software, or simply track a to-do list? This program I built can handle that and more. This has capabilities to print, export to excel, email tickets, user security privileges, dashboards, and charts to help you. This is 100% portable and ready for use, check it out!

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C# Console App - Vector Distance Calculator

This calculates the shortest Euclidean distance using Pythagorean theorem which allows me to compute the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle, given the length of two sides. Added a graphical interpretation to this, which was not part of the project, but seemed needed. I assigned the x, y vectors to the monitor pixels and built draw methods.

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C# Console App - Bug Tracker

This is a console app that I created to add users with encrypted (hashed) passwords, create tickets for tracking bugs in software programs, search/update/delete tickets and users. Overall, this is the cleanest my code has been, with classes and methods. Great use of Object Oriented Programming.

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MVC Azure Razor Web Page - Create A Person

This is my first attempt at building a (MVC) Model, View, Controller pattern. I had a project to design a person class. Of course, I took it a few steps more, even though it does not look like much I decided to build a form with links, store the database with SQL, then deploy it with Azure. I became very familiar with string connections and how SQL and Azure relate.

C# Console App - Test Generator "Math"

This masterpiece has got it all! Random number & color generator, difficulty levels, scoreboard database, ASCII art, Math operator test, exceptions handled, Fullscreen mode, timers, Easter eggs, and gamestate load method. I am very proud of this code. Enjoy!

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C# Console App - Test Generator "History"

Designed a web scraper for CSV files from URL addresses, strips commas & spaces, separates every fifth line for questions, then builds list for answers. The first answer is correct, so I built a randomizer & score mechanic. Includes my first debugger, demonstrates behind the scenes functions.

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Visual Basic/Excel - Water Dashboard

This is an overkill excel spreadsheet with all the bells and whistles I built on recent deployement to Saudi Arabia. Lots of code in VBA to create a dashboard app. Data served all the water on base. This led us to win the Team award and many praises from leaders.

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C# Console App - Casino Roulette

These projects have been the hardest to date. Lots of time and effort went into figuring out the correct way to randomize card shuffles and ball drops. Not easy is an understatement for the first experience. Overall great learning project. Enjoy!

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C# Console App - Number Guessing Game

This demonstrates a bisection algorithm to find a generated random number. The value can equal the middle value, be higher than the middle value, or be lower than the middle value. It recursively calls itself with the top half of the list when it is higher and if its lower it calls itself with the bottom of the list.

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C# Console App - Military Units

Another C# program built with fun! Using inheritance, abstraction, classes, and objects, I implemented a military unit of tanks. Overall, lots of fun and learned a lot. I used dictionary and lists for the first time which turns out to make the ASCII art a lot easier to do animation. Enjoy!

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript Website - My Portfolio

I created this portfolio website, which is free to use a one-page site on GitHub to share along my journey and get the experience in creating a website. I used HTML, CSS, and jQuery/JavaScript. I included a form at the bottom that I used https://formspree.io/ to create a responsive form.

Python Console - Turtle Birthday

This is something I did when I first started learning python. It uses the Turtle tool that python has for young developers. I programmed the turtle to move around and draw a message, which in this case is telling myself Happy Birthday. Not a bad program. It was hard to figure out how to turn the turtle and create the heart shapes were a real challenge. Enjoy!

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C# Console App - Programming & Calculators

This is a massive collection of all the programming exercises, quizzes, and calculators I've created while in the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy. Really useful sometimes! Hope it can help you too.

C# Console App - My Animal Farm

This is a program I designed in C# to show methods and class creations. I created 3 pigs, 3 horses, 3 cows, and 3 chickens. Each has their own function of speak, eat, produce, and move. I got a little carried away with this project and wanted to maximize the screen and center the WriteLine’s, add some sounds, bring a little color and some ACSII text into the mix. I had a lot of fun building this. Enjoy!

3D Blender Software - Air Force Memorial

When I worked at the Andrews Innovation Center in Washington D.C., I was asked if I could build a replica of the AF Memorial. With that challenge, I taught myself Blender and 3D printing. I used image overlaying to build the spires to scale. I modified it to hold our patch which turned into an award for the base yearly winners. I also taught classes using Blender and Tinker CAD software to the community.

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